About Us

We were a team started in 2018. At Colquitt county high school.

Here at Packer Robotics we value Teamwork between our members. Rather it be friendly competitions together or working together to solve a common goal that would lead us to our victory.

Unfortunately, the team has been unable this year to outreach due to school policy, however, we have opted to create and run both social media accounts and a website documenting the build process and the season matches.

   Non- School System Related Social Media Disclaimer (required by school)                            
             This social media is managed and operated by PACKER ROBOTICS. While school administration may be Slightly involved with our fulfillment of this function, neither the school nor the school system has direct control of this social media account. This social media account does not speak for or represent CCHS or the Colquitt County School System.

Our ranking history

Name total points
2018 fff fff 6ff fff fff