Entry 9/24/20

(The background is broken here idk how to fix)  9/24/2020

We watched the announcement the goal announcement and when we got back to school we chose to start thinking up some ideas as to how we were going to be able to do this

We came up with a idea

We started automatically with some ideas with the robot , we at first started with sorta of a sweeping up sort of concept on it in order to be able to pick up the rings.

everybody trying to figure a method out

we even manged to get it working in some sort of fashion in order to start trying it out and even try to maybe mount it onto our bot sooner or later. This was just the beginning of what we were trying to do  this season. We wish everybody the best of luck.

Progress update 10/15/2020


We did not publish for the past cupple weeks due to me (the site maintainer) being quarantined and not exactly being able to make any post. So we are trying our best to be able to keep up with our post <3. 

Seine the last post we have been able to get pretty far in terms of being able to make our new robot even to the point to where it can actually start shooting the rings in order to get the goals during times like autonomous.  

We got even farther with what we were doing!

We started to get things like actually Putting it on top of our reconstructed bot and then chose to start to try it out on our home made field to see what it can do / try it out.                                           This is one of our first official Test. We used our home made game elements and used our bot to try to be able to shoot some points and see truly how fast we would need to go so we would be able to shoot for the top goal. 

We Did this a knew that so far that this would be the method we would use in order to shoot out our rings. All we had to do now was figure out how to mount our intake, make something that can grab the wobble goal ect.

Progress update 10/28/2020

october 28,2020

We started off this time pretty well, we we got farther in our attempt of mounting a intake for our robot. The reason we were doing this is because we were wanting to try to attempt to get autonomous during this period started on and try to have it done before the first meet period so we could do good.

We started to do many different thing in order to the robot and started a lot of work onto our autonomous for the past few days . 

Things like shooting and recolonizing the rings.

The main things we started to work on was mainly trying to make the robot recolonize how many ring are actually their for the robot to pick up. We were able to do this with a webcam that was attached to our robot through our Rev robotics control hub. This is our first year using a Rev robotics hub and where extremely excited to be able to use it instead  of  using the two phones to control the robot that always crashed.

Us putting plexy glass on top of the intake so it dose not over flow

We also worked on some more driving practice , as well as testing for the coming up meet where we tested out equipment and made sure we knew what to do and how to do it for this week long event. We wish everybody the best of luck in the meets - Packer Robotics 

Entry #4 11/20/2020

November 20th, 2020

Hello again and here is another entry into our lovely progress updates. Apologies about not writing for a while we got really busy with everything that we did over that period of time.

During this week we ranked 1st in our region in our matches and did very well thanks to our drivers manning the controls.

We fixed autonomous

During this time we were able to get a efficient autonomous that could possibly score between 50- 70 points. It has a web camera that recognizes how many ring that are their  and then acts based upon how many are their. It recognizes them first then it proceeds to grab them on the way to dropping off the wobble goal into the correct space. Once it drops the wobble goal in the correct space it then backs up behind the shooting line and aims for the highest goal. Then at the end it parks itself on the line.

A example of the robot doing its thing

We worked hard to be able to get out robot to where it is today.  We are constantly are making new additions to the robot and constant new improvements to the robot to make it even better than what it is. Seen below you can see we are replacing/ adding our complaint wheels that we perchance from Go-Builda.  

Entry #5

january 14th, 2021

We didn't have much to do due to us running out of meets for the time being. 
Although we had no meets we still tried our best to improve our robot, to make it more accurate and more efficient.

Over time we worked on meets and ended up falling a tad behind in our state rankings because our robot started to malfunction more. The claw where the wobble was picked up and let go started to stop working as it would grab the wobble and just not drop it again. Basically the servo we were using was getting jammed.

We worked more on our ability to control the robot.

We also practiced driving it even more. We got it to where multiple people on the team can drive the robot in case someone 

"us working our hardest"

The robot broke from time to time, but when it broke we made sure to find a proper way to be able to fix the robot .
The main issue we had was rings getting jamed in the intake system. When this happened it would occasionally handicap our robots ability to now only take in 2 rings due to one of them being stuck. I would  sometimes be fixable by reversing the motors , Which is something we added to our code just for this.