Web Designing

Lurn how to make your own website

Here at packer robotics want to help out the teams around us by providing a easy way to make a website on little to no budget.

In order to do this you are going to need.

-Github student pack 

-A domain (can be obtained in the student pack)

-Bootstrap studio (can be obtained in the student pack)

-a windows or mac pc to run software.

First you have to apply for a github student pack.

To apply you must click ---. In order to be approved you must have some sort of school identification that shows you are enrolled in some sort of education. You must also use a school email/ domain in order to register. If you are home schooled/ team is not associated with a school please fallow the other instructions on githubs website in order to get your pack. Please note that getting approved for the pack may take a few days as github tends to be a tad slow with this process.

the student developer pack webpage

To get a free domain.

The student pack offers plenty of options in order to get a free domain (although each only allows you to keep it for one year) its still a great way to get a free domain that doesn't have one of those annoying tag along.  Your options will be name cheep ,name.com , or tech domains. In order to obtain one of these please fallow the dedicated instructions their are on each website in order to be able to secure your domain.

Getting bootstrap studio.

This is where it sorta starts to get complicated.  In order to run bootstrap you must also